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Permanent Makeup 
Enhancing Beauty

Erin (PMA)
permanently enhances your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip and full lips with a brand new germane machine that coordinates how far the needle is in the skin. This machine produces less trauma, less pain and no scarring. Free consultations one week ahead of the procedure.

Eyebrows 2-3 hr $400 

Eyeliner 2-3hr $400

Lip Liner 2-3 hr $600

  Full lips 3-4 hr $ 800

                Beauty Mark 30min $100              

Touch ups 2-3hr $60 1st year $120 second year.

All procedures include 2 touch-ups with a one year expiration.


Are you interested in Permanent Cosmetics but have questions no problem here are some of your answers.

Is it safe? Yes

Does Permanent Makeup hurt? Yes/no with the help of lidocaine and good stretching your permanent makeup procedure will be less painful. Some would say not painful at all just some discomfort.

How long does Permanent Makeup last? Everybody is different and every technician is different.  On average your Permanent Makeup should last between 2-5 years without any touch ups. But touch ups every year is highly recommended for a darker more vibrant look. Good maintenance makes all the difference. But any of these will promote fading.

Retin A
 Glycolic Peels or Microdermabrasion
salt water
Sun exposure
dry skin

How long does it take to get Permanent Makeup? Every procedure is different but brows usually take 2 hours,  eyeliner 2 hours, lip liner 2 hours,  full lips 3 hours and a beauty mark 30min.

Does the color change once its in the skin? Yes but that's why a professional technician will determine the correct color for your skin type.

How long until the color will start to fade? 1-2 weeks after your Brow or eyeliner procedure you should fade about 30% lips 70% that's why touch ups are so important.

What if after the procedure i don't like the shape or color or both? there are times where the client and technician get confused or miss read each other, whatever the case in most cases color change can be corrected and shape can be changed as long as its adding to the shape. That is why consultations are so important.

Permanent Cosmetics is a great addition to a number of individuals it enhances your beauty in just hours. Imagine a fuller arched brow or a fine lash enhancement or fuller more vibrant lips. permanent makeup is safe and effective with state of the art machines and tools your procedure is clean and less invasive.

for more information call Erin 951-203-0965

Professional  Makeup Application

Enhance your beauty with a full makeup application for that special day. Starting with a cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the face than from there you and the Erin will coordinate your colors and style that your looking for.


Makeup application without cleansing of the skin 45 min $40

     Full makeup application 1 hr $50 



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